My Blessing Day

I got blessed on November 23rd by Daddy. I also had both my Grandpas, Great-Grandpa Hogan, Uncle Todd, Uncle Craig, Uncle Adam, and Travis Allred in the circle. It was great! I am going to grow up to be big and smart and I am going to get baptized and go on a mission. But my Mommy made me wear a little white tux with tails and a bowtie and even a cumberbund! My Mom thought I looked cute and she was proud of me because I didn't even spit up on it.

We had everyone over after church for a lunch. It was so much fun! But then my Aunt Rossi tried to take pictures of me. I am a little camera-shy.

But I finally got to take a nap and then life was good again.

Thanks to everyone for coming and helping out. We love all of you!


Leisel said...

He is a cutie! I love the look on his face-- babies have the cutest expressions for "what the crap is this all about?" ;0)

Carr Family said...

He is so adorable Lexie!!