Hair Day

My parents were in town this weekend to help us work on our house (once again). Lacey and Todd also came to help out (thanks guys!) So, while the guys went to do the "manly" work, us girls turned my house into a salon. Since we have our hairstylist in the family (Lacey) she got stuck doing my Mom's hair, Jax's hair, my Dad's hair, and my hair!

My mom was brave and tried this cute (and totally chic!) new hair style:

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Jax also got a hair cut. He has spiky hair now and looks totally adorable (of course!)

Unfortunately, mine didn't go so well. We tried a big wave perm on my hair to add some curl (I used to be naturally curly but I think the pregnancy hormones got rid of that!) It was so much work and sadly, when we took out the rollers, there was no curl!

But we had a great time anyway! Thanks, Aunt Lacey!

10 Months

I can't believe it! Jaxon is already 10 months old! Time flies when you're having fun, right? Well, in honor of being 10 months old, here are the 10 things I LOVE about my little Jaxon:

1. His eyelashes. Jaxon has the longest eyelashes (just like his Dad! They are SO wasted on men!)

2. His SMILE! He smiles all the time (especially when he wakes up). And he has the cutest front teeth right now.

3. His giggles. The thing that makes him laugh the most is when his Daddy throws him up in the air. He loves that! 4. When he cuddles with me. This has got to be my favorite thing ever! He usually will only cuddle with me when he is tired or sick but sometimes, out of nowhere, he just lays his head on my chest and snuggles with me. 5. Watching him eat. It is so cute when he feeds himself crackers and cereal. He grabs a handful and tries to shove his whole fist in his mouth!

6. The expression on his face when is figuring something out. He scrunches his eyebrows together when he is thinking really hard. (Shane has the same expression!)

7. Reading books together. He has just recently gotten really into reading books. He learned how to point and now points at anything and everything in the books.

8. Bathtime! Jaxon loves water and loves to play with his bath toys.
9. His "talking". I love when I wake up in the morning, and I can hear him on the monitor, just talking to himself. He has a high-pitched kind of scream and it is so funny to listen to!

10. Teaching him to walk. He is strong enough now to walk around with us supporting him. But what is so cute is that he looks around at us to make sure we are watching and he is so proud of himself!

Happy Birthday Kays!

"Dogs nap so much because the love so hard."

My Kaysley-puppy is four years old! (I'm not sure of the exact date of her birth, but I know it is at the end of June.) She was such a cute little furball! Now she is a cute BIG furball. I feel bad for her because she has been neglected a little since Jax was born. She is no longer an only "child". She is used to being the princess and now she is no longer in charge. But we love her and she is an important member of our family.

Goodbye Grandma

This past weekend we had a funeral for my Grandma May (I like to think of it as a celebration of the wonderful life she lived). Luckily, both of my sisters were able to make it up to Jackson so we could all be together. Leisel, Lacey, and I wrote and gave my Grandma's eulogy. Her funeral was beautiful but much harder than I thought it would be.

It was also good to see some of my Dad's extended family.

Jaxon got to meet his Great-Grandpa May!

Even though it was a very hard weekend, it was great to be with my family. Jaxon had a wonderful time with his grandparents and cousins!

I'm still having a hard time missing my Grandma and "the ranch" and it was hard to say goodbye to my Grandpa, but I know my Grandma is happy and with her family. I love you, Grandma!

"God Be With You Til We Meet Again . . ."

My Grandma May died today. It has been pretty devastating for me because I was very close to her. She lived in Jackson all through my growing-up years so I got to spend a lot of time on the ranch with her. She was a wonderful, sweet person and I love her tons. Fortunately, she was 90 years old and had a lived a great life. I know she is in a better place and is very happy but she will be very missed. The hardest part for me is that my little Jaxon and my other (future) children will not get to know what an extremely special person she was. But hopefully she is in heaven right now watching out for my little babies until they get here.
I love you tons, Grandma and will miss you dearly!

9 Months Old

This post is extremely late in coming since Memorial Day was almost 2 weeks ago. But we had a nice little vacation. We spent the weekend up in Jackson Hole with my parents. We did some hiking, ate tons of great food, and just hung out. Of course, Grandma and Grandpa May spoiled Jaxon rotten. They bought him this cute little fire truck. He can push it all by himself!

Thanks for spoiling all of us, Grandma and Grandpa!

Also, over Memorial Day weekend, Jaxon turned 9 months old. So, in honor of that, here is a list of Jaxon's 9 favorite things:

9. Cheetos. He loves to eat the new Natural White Cheddar Cheetos. He sticks the end in his mouth and sucks on them!

8. Watching Baby Einstein. (Mommy really likes this one too because I can actually get something done while he watches it.) His favorite one is Baby Monet. He smiles and giggles when the puppets come on.

7. Tools (or anything that is not one of his toys!) I actually just figured this one out. His Grandma and Grandpa May were in Logan helping work on our house and he loved playing with Grandpa May's tools, like a wrench and the tape measure.

6. Being naked. (He is such a boy!) He has always liked it best when I take off his clothes and he whines when I put them back on.

5. Doggies! Jaxon loves to watch Kaysley and my parents' 2 collie dogs. He is so fascinated with them. And if they get close enough, he pulls their fur and whiskers!

4. Swimming. He loved swim lessons and especially likes being in the pool outdoors.

3. Blankies. He loves to get all snuggled in his blankies. His favorite blankie is actually the one that Mommy sleeps with!

2. Being outside! He loves just being outside whether we are walking, swimming, or just sitting in the backyard.

1. Mommy! This kid loves his Mommy (for now anyway!) He always wants me to hold him and cries if I leave the room without him. I'm glad that he likes me so much but he is a little clingy!

I can't belive he is already 9 months old! I love my big boy!

4 Years and Counting . . .

Happy anniversary Shane! I can't believe we have already been married for 4 years! And we have known each other for 5. (We got married exactly a year after we met!)
It has been a wonderful 5 years and I can't wait to spend 50 more with my best friend!! I love you babe!