9 Months Old

This post is extremely late in coming since Memorial Day was almost 2 weeks ago. But we had a nice little vacation. We spent the weekend up in Jackson Hole with my parents. We did some hiking, ate tons of great food, and just hung out. Of course, Grandma and Grandpa May spoiled Jaxon rotten. They bought him this cute little fire truck. He can push it all by himself!

Thanks for spoiling all of us, Grandma and Grandpa!

Also, over Memorial Day weekend, Jaxon turned 9 months old. So, in honor of that, here is a list of Jaxon's 9 favorite things:

9. Cheetos. He loves to eat the new Natural White Cheddar Cheetos. He sticks the end in his mouth and sucks on them!

8. Watching Baby Einstein. (Mommy really likes this one too because I can actually get something done while he watches it.) His favorite one is Baby Monet. He smiles and giggles when the puppets come on.

7. Tools (or anything that is not one of his toys!) I actually just figured this one out. His Grandma and Grandpa May were in Logan helping work on our house and he loved playing with Grandpa May's tools, like a wrench and the tape measure.

6. Being naked. (He is such a boy!) He has always liked it best when I take off his clothes and he whines when I put them back on.

5. Doggies! Jaxon loves to watch Kaysley and my parents' 2 collie dogs. He is so fascinated with them. And if they get close enough, he pulls their fur and whiskers!

4. Swimming. He loved swim lessons and especially likes being in the pool outdoors.

3. Blankies. He loves to get all snuggled in his blankies. His favorite blankie is actually the one that Mommy sleeps with!

2. Being outside! He loves just being outside whether we are walking, swimming, or just sitting in the backyard.

1. Mommy! This kid loves his Mommy (for now anyway!) He always wants me to hold him and cries if I leave the room without him. I'm glad that he likes me so much but he is a little clingy!

I can't belive he is already 9 months old! I love my big boy!

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