Happy 5-Month Birthday, Baby!

I can't believe that my baby is already 5 months old! He just keeps getting cuter by the day! He is so happy and smiles all the time. His smile could melt ice! He also loves to talk (and scream). He needs to make sure everyone can hear him. He is also starting to like his toys. He reaches for them and loves to hold them. He is still very fascinated with his hands and now also his feet, which he can reach. He is very outgoing and loves all of his aunts, uncles, and grandparents (anyone who pays attention to him!)

I can't believe how much I love him (even when he only sleep 2 hours at night!) He will be screaming in his crib and I will go over to him and he will just smile this adorable little grin and I can't help but smile back. He is a little stinker! He definitely has me and Shane (and his grandparents) wrapped around his pudgy little fingers!

Paging Dr. Payzant

Congratulations Payzant family! I am so excited for my sister's family! Her husband, Brandon, just graduated from Physicians Assistant school and got a job in Twin Falls, Idaho. They are moving there on Monday.

We are so excited because we will live a lot closer to them now and Jaxon will get to see his cousins more often!

Twin Falls looks like a good little town. They just built a new temple there which is beautiful.

Also, it sounds like there is a lot of fun things to do like fishing and hiking and skiing (it's pretty close to Sun Valley!)

And the best part is how close it is to our families!

Distance from Jackson, Wyoming: 260.61 miles
Distance from Logan, Utah: 171.8 miles
Distance from Ogden, Utah: 184.67 miles
Can't wait to see my favorite beautiful little nieces!

I'm a Big Boy!

We just recently started feeding Jaxon some rice cereal. It is so much fun! He looks so cute sitting like a big boy in his high chair. I think more cereal gets on his face than in his mouth. But it's so fun because he smiles big and he seems to really like eating! Obviously, he is going to be a very big boy! He already weighs 17 lbs!

A Very Hogan Christmas

I know this is really late (and slightly anti-climactic) but I just wanted to write a little about our holiday season.

We spent Christmas day with the May family in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Me and Jaxon were able to go up there early to help get ready for Christmas. We wrapped presents for 5 days straight! And know one will believe this if they know about the May family Christmases but my parents didn't even put up the tree until 3 days before Christmas!

But our Christmas was so fun! Shane and my sister Lacey and her husband Todd came up on Wednesday. They brought their two husky dogs and Shane brought Kaysley. So, added to my parent's two collies, there were five dogs there! It was a madhouse!

And it started snowing like crazy a few days before Christmas. And it was a total whiteout blizzard on Christmas day.

It was great though. We ate ourselves sick and opened lots of great presents.

Lacey and Todd bought us a backpack to put Jaxon in while so we can all go hiking this summer. We are looking forward to it.

And my parents bought us (among many other things) a recliner! It is so nice to rock Jaxon to sleep now. Shane and I fight over it though. The rule is, whoever sits in it has to hold Jaxon. (Shane willingly concedes it to me!)

And Jaxon got so much stuff we barely fit it all in the cars on the way home! He has a bigger wardrobe that I do! (which is pretty hard to beat according to my husband!)

Thanks so much May family for a wonderful Christmas!

The next week we were able to spend the New Year's holiday with the Hogan family. That was so much fun too!

My sister-in-law left on her mission on New Year's Eve. It was sad to see her go but we were all so excited for her.

And we opened more presents from the Hogans on that day. Shane got his shotgun, I got a great photo printer, and Jaxon got the whole nativity set of Little People. It is so cute!

Jaxon wasn't very into opening presents, but he sure liked playing in the boxes!

It was a great weekend, just relaxing, watching movies, and hanging out.

Thanks so much for everything, Hogans!