Paging Dr. Payzant

Congratulations Payzant family! I am so excited for my sister's family! Her husband, Brandon, just graduated from Physicians Assistant school and got a job in Twin Falls, Idaho. They are moving there on Monday.

We are so excited because we will live a lot closer to them now and Jaxon will get to see his cousins more often!

Twin Falls looks like a good little town. They just built a new temple there which is beautiful.

Also, it sounds like there is a lot of fun things to do like fishing and hiking and skiing (it's pretty close to Sun Valley!)

And the best part is how close it is to our families!

Distance from Jackson, Wyoming: 260.61 miles
Distance from Logan, Utah: 171.8 miles
Distance from Ogden, Utah: 184.67 miles
Can't wait to see my favorite beautiful little nieces!


Leisel said...

Wow! Thanks for all the research! ;0) We are excited to be closer to you, too!

emily said...

Kevin & I lived in Twin for 2 years. I loved it. I cried for weeks after we moved. It is such a great town. Great community & so many fun things to do. In the summer you will definately have to go to derkes lake it's right by the falls, but they have blocked off this area for swimming. They also have the very best restaraunts in any town I have ever been to. Try Idaho Joe's & Depot Grill. Also, if your looking for fun activites go to Skateland or there is the coolest bowling ally in Filer that does specktro bowling. They have the best shopping in any town I've lived in. Tell your sister she is one lucky duck!!

emily said...

Oh yeah & during the summer they have concerts all the time at the park in "old twin". Oh i miss it!