Review of Heather Moore’s “Women of the Book of Mormon”

Anyone who know me knows that I love love LOVE to read!! Especially LDS fiction, which is why I was so excited to be able to receive an advance copy of Heather Moore's new boook, Women of the Book of Mormon to review. Heather Moore is the author of a number of LDS historical fiction novels including the Out of Jerusalem and Abinadi series. Women of the Book of Mormon is her first non-fiction book.

This book appeals to me on a number of levels - as an avid reader, as a member of the LDS faith and (wannabe) scriptorian, and most especially as a woman. Women of the Book of Mormon is a brief but insightful glimpse of the incredible women who are mentioned in the Book of Mormon. Even though these women lived in vastly different time periods, Heather Moore makes them relatable to us in a modern setting. She focuses on both the physical and spiritual trials and hardships that they endured and how their stories can help us overcome our own obstacles.

This book is thoroughly researched in the environment and culture that each of these women lived in as well as the characteristics that they most likely possessed. It is told with respect and a touch of humor and reminds each of us that we are daughters of God and sisters in the gospel.

Women of the Book of Mormon made me want to study the scriptures in more depth, especially the role that women play in it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a love of the scriptures and wants to expand their knowledge of it.

Lil' Dudes

I know it has been FOREVER since I blogged but I have a good excuse -- we were sick for the month of January. So, I fully intend to catch up on the holidays, etc., but first, an update on Jax. He is so hilarious!! The funniest thing happened the other day which probably should have annoyed me but just made me laugh so hard. Anyway, Jaxon loves to play with GI Joe type action figures which we refer to as "little dudes". (Jax calls them "doos"!) I find them all over the house in the most interesting places. He loves to put them in little "forts". And the other day when I went to get Kaysley some dog food, this is what I found!

Me and Shane laughed for so long!!

Some days I just really wonder where this kid comes from!! But we love him to death! (And he sure does entertain us!)