Hair Day

My parents were in town this weekend to help us work on our house (once again). Lacey and Todd also came to help out (thanks guys!) So, while the guys went to do the "manly" work, us girls turned my house into a salon. Since we have our hairstylist in the family (Lacey) she got stuck doing my Mom's hair, Jax's hair, my Dad's hair, and my hair!

My mom was brave and tried this cute (and totally chic!) new hair style:

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Jax also got a hair cut. He has spiky hair now and looks totally adorable (of course!)

Unfortunately, mine didn't go so well. We tried a big wave perm on my hair to add some curl (I used to be naturally curly but I think the pregnancy hormones got rid of that!) It was so much work and sadly, when we took out the rollers, there was no curl!

But we had a great time anyway! Thanks, Aunt Lacey!

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