6 Months Old!!

I can't believe that my baby is already 6 months old! It went by so fast and he is getting so big!

He is such a happy little boy and is so curious about everything. He likes to sit or stand up so he can see more and he loves to go to the store because it is way more exciting than our house.

He is such a little angel and we have so much fun with him! His Daddy likes to brag that he is the best looking baby in the world. I tell him that all parents think that about their kids but he still insists that ours is the best. (I have to agree!)


Leisel said...

I love the little tongue! So cute!

Mark Wilcox said...

Wait until he turns a year old. That's a bigger shocker. Then the next one comes along and he's a big brother. Then he's REALLY big. Great pics.

megallen said...

What a cutie!
Good to hear from you!