MAJOR Home Improvements

A couple of weekends ago, my family came to visit and my Dad helped us (once again) with a MAJOR home improvement project -- putting in hardwood floors! (or laminate floors that look like wood.)

Anyway, if any of you have been to my house you know how bad our floors were. The carpet in the living room was threadbare and stained and the linoleum in the kitchen had to be stripped each time I mopped to get the dirt out. So, we were SO excited to get new flooring! And the best part was -- it was all free!! My Dad was remodeling a house and got to keep the old flooring. And he put it in for free too! It looks fantastic and we cannot thank my Dad enough for all his hard work. Our house would have fallen apart by now if it wasn't for him.

(Plus Jaxon loves to help with the tools and driving Papa's truck!)

Jaxon absolutely LOVES the new floors because his trucks drive so much better on laminate than carpet. I think he thinks we did it just for him! (isn't everything though?!)

He also loves when we pull him around on a blanket or pillow. Slippery floors are so much more fun!
He even likes the new arrangement of furniture because he has figured out how to drive his trucks behind the couch. It is like a tunnel for him!
Even Kaysley digs the new floor!

(And I love my new rug, pillows, and clock if you couldn't tell!)

It was a fun weekend too because Lacey and Todd also came to stay for a night. Lacey was playing in a volleyball tournament up at USU. We got to watch some of her games and Jaxon even learned how to clap his hands and cheer. Granted, he clapped even when the opposing team scored but at least he got the general idea.

We also got to celebrate my Dad's birthday together. We went out to dinner, opened presents, and had Cold Stone cakes (my favorite!) I hope you had a great birthday Dad! We love you tons and so appreciate all your hard work!

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AmberLynn said...

Awesome floor! That's great that your dad was able to do so much for you. Aren't dads just wonderful?
Jaxson sure is cute! How old is he now? Nya turns one on Saturday! How time does fly...