"Exterior Illumination"

"You taught me everything I know about exterior illumination."
-Clark Griswald, Christmas Vacation
This post is for my Mom who really did teach me everything I know about "exterior illumination"! (If you have ever seen my parents' house, you will know what I am talking about!) My Mom puts up over 20,000 lights on their house every year (and yes, that is more than Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation!) Their house has even been in the newspaper. (And by the way Mom, the house looks great this year, as usual.)

Since I didn't put up any Christmas lights last year, I figured I better get on it early this year. I put them all by myself and I even put lights on our mailbox!

(I did have some extra support from Jaxon. He was BIG help (catch the sarcasm?!)) (And no, I really don't let my 15-month old climb ladders yet!)
I haven't hit the 20,000 mark yet but Shane did ask me if we were living in the Griswald's house this year so I figured I had done my Mom proud!All in all, I am very proud of myself. I even had a neighbor girl tell me that our house looked like a "gingerbread house"!


Lacey Geddes said...

yea!! So cute, it looks great!!

Cherie said...

I LOVE it too! Lets plan to take some pictures of you guys over christmas. I think we will be in Logan all the way from Wed to Sun pretty much so we will have plenty of time to do it.

Rebecca Talley said...

Looks beautiful!

Love "Christmas Vacation" and Clark Griswold.

We just put up our lights today in the freezing cold.