7 Girls . . . and a Guy

This past week me and Jaxon went to Twin Falls, Idaho to visit with my family. We got to hang out for a couple of days with my mom, my sisters, Leisel and Lacey, and my three nieces, Kira, Kamber, and Kendi. (Poor Jaxon was a little outnumbered!) Between taking care of two babies and two little kids, we squeezed in some shopping, playing games, and eating lots of chocolates. My favorite part was going swimming at the hotel. It was Jaxon's first time in a pool and he did so good! It was also so much fun to swim with Kira and Kamber.

Jaxon sure loved his cousins! It was so funny when we would sit Kendi and Jaxon together. They had the same binky and Kendi thought Jaxon had stolen his. She would steal it out of his mouth (even when she had one in her mouth already!)

Jaxon and Kendi sure are opposites! Even though Kendi is six weeks older than Jaxon, he is definitely bigger and taller. She is such a petite, dainty little princess and he is a big, burly boy. She is also very shy and quiet. I could barely hear her when she cried. And she has a sweet, shy little smile. On the other hand, Jaxon is loud and makes sure everyone can hear him when he cries. He is also extremely outgoing and will go to anyone who pays attention to him.
It was definitely challenging because Jaxon decided it was too exciting to take naps and he woke up every hour at night. So, needless to say, he was fairly grumpy. Hence, Mommy was very grumpy as well. But it was definitely great to be with my family and spend time with my adorable nieces.

Thanks for a great time, everyone! We love you tons!

(He is such a ladies' man!)


Leisel said...

Ohhhhh, I love the pictures of Jaxon and the girls together! I am going to steal it from you. . . Hehe! Thanks for coming to visit! The girls want to know when you are coming back.

Cherie said...

Jaxon is seriously such a beautiful little boy! You guys are so lucky!
I really do need to borrow one of those back braces from you! I was at the maternity store the other day and about to buy one but then I was like, "No, I'll wait til I am in more pain." I don't know why I do that?? But I'm glad I waited if I can really borrow one from you!

MStevenson said...

Found your blog linked on Melanie Rust's blog. Hi!

Twin Falls? I love Twin Falls, it was my favorite place to live in Idaho. I went to Twin Falls high for 10th grade and half of 11th. Fun place to live.