11 Months!

My little man is almost a year old! I can't believe how quickly it went by!

11 favorite family activities to do with our little guy:
  1. Swimming! This is by far our entire family's favorite summertime activity. We love to go to the pool all together. And Jaxon still loves to swim!

  2. Hiking. I think Jaxon likes to go hiking. Whenever we put him in the backpack he falls asleep! No, he really does love it and it is a good workout for us too!

  3. Traveling. Surprisingly, Jaxon is really good at traveling. We mostly go visit family (since we are on a budget) but he loves going new places and is usually really good.

  4. Listening to Music. No matter what kind of music is on, even from the TV, Jaxon starts bouncing up and down. No wonder Baby Einstein works so well!
  5. Crawling up and down Stairs. No, this is not one of mine and Shane's favorites but Jaxon has just recently discovered that he LOVES to climb stairs! And of course he can't do it by himself yet so it becomes a family activity (though we have to admit that he sure looks cute doing it!)

  6. Visiting Family. We spend a lot of time in the summer visiting with our families here in Logan and up in Jackson. Jaxon loves his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins! And he especially loves to be the center of attention! (And Shane and I love the extra helping hands!)
  7. Having Conversations. Shane and I have definitely regressed in our speech since we have had Jax. "Baby talk" is spoken in our house on a continual basis. And Jax sure is a big talker! I really think he thinks he is having a conversation with us!
  8. Watching Baby Einstein. Once again, this is DEFINITELY not one of mine and Shane's favorite activities but Jaxon is still very enthralled with it so we end up being mesmerized right along with him.
  9. Reading Books. I am so proud! Jaxon is really starting to like reading books and both me and Shane have a great time reading to him.
  10. Being Outdoors. Just like Shane and I, Jaxon loves the outdoors! We are all much happier when we can be together outside. We love the summertime!

  11. Snuggling! OK, so maybe this is Mommy's favorite activity but Jaxon is sure a good snuggler! Of course, he only likes to snuggle with us when he is overly tired but I'll take it whenever!

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Leisel said...

Ohhhh, so cute! Kendi likes most of the same things! I wish I could get her to watch Baby Einstein or ANYTHING, but she hasn't caught on to that yet.