Face Lift

I am so way behind on blogging but I just wanted to mention our summer project of fixing up our house.
My parents have been to Logan three different times to visit us and each time we have wrangled them in to working on our house. For those of you who don't know, my Dad is a general contractor and an all-around pro handyman. Basically, if it wasn't for his skills, our house would have probably fallen down by now!

The first project we did was to paint the house. This is the "before" picture of our grayish-purple house.
Unless you are up close, you can't tell how bad the paint really was. It was chipped and peeling in so many places and in certain lights, it looked purple!
Me, Shane, my Dad and Mom, and even my sis-in-law Kalei all painted for two days straight! It was a ton of work but the end result was fabulous!
Jaxon loved being outside and "helping"! He especially loved Grandpa's tools.
Our second project was fixing our roof where there had been water damage. For this one, us girls weren't as much help but my bro-in-law Todd came to help also. And it was tough work being on the roof in 90 degree weather!
These are my three favorite "boys" hard at work!
And just this past weekend, my Dad finished fixing the water damage by redoing part of the wall in our garage.

Thanks so much for all hard work, Mom and Dad! And thanks to everyone else who helped give our house a much needed "facelift"!


mom of a super-hero said...

wow! you've been busy. i haven't checked your blog for a while so i'm not sure now long ago you did this, but it looks great!! hope you have been having a fun summer with your little guy!

MStevenson said...

WOW is right! That new paint job looks great!