Tall and . . . Small?

Jaxon just had his 12 month checkup. He is such a tough little kid! I always dread the shots because I hate to see him in pain but he only cried for a second and then the nurse gave him a lollipop and he was done. What a trooper!

They took his measurements and he is 30 inches long and weighs 20 lbs 14 oz. His weight turned out to only be in the 22 percentile! This is crazy because he has always seemed like such a big kid. He must just be getting skinnier from all that crawling around. I totally miss his baby fat! He had the cutest rolls and they are almost gone! I hate this growing up stuff!


Leisel said...

Oh, honey! Just you wait! ;0)

Unknown said...

I don't think her getting shots is gonna be any easier to watch! I am NOT looking forward to it! I'm glad he did so well!

Lacey Geddes said...

That is really surprising! I would of thought 100th percentile!!! He's a big boy!