Happy 1st Birthday, Jaxon!

My little Jaxon is 1 year old today!! I can't believe a whole year has gone by already. Everybody says the day their child was born was the best day ever. I don't necessarily agree since giving birth was seriously not that great but Jaxon IS the best thing in our lives.
Over the past year, I have loved watching Jax grow and learn. He is so smart and curious and has already changed so much in just 12 short months. He has such a fun, outgoing, and loving personality. And I just love him more every day! Happy birthday, my sweet little angel!

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Leisel said...

Happy Birthday, big boy! Kira and Kamber were dissappointed that we didn't make it to his party. . . but we were thinking of you!

Anthony said...

Wow, I can't believe it has already been a year. Happy birthday Jaxon.

Paige said...

Happy Birthday!!! Little Man. He is such a heartbreaker!!

Unknown said...

He is so CUTE! We are so excited for you guys to come soon!

MStevenson said...

Those were such cute pics. It's fun to look back at pics like that. I just did that for our almost 5 month old and already its crazy to me how much hes grown.